• Our goal...

    ...to promote dialogue and be a support network for women lawyers, and to foster advancement and professional development while continuing to help grow women’s initiatives in the workplace.
Chicago Coalition

The Coalition of Women's Initiatives in Law began in Chicago in 2008. It is a non-profit membership association that brings together women in law firms, government, and companies of all sizes. Along with the New York and Washington D.C. chapters, the Coalition has more than 120 law firms and companies as members, stretching the reach of the Coalition to thousands of women attorneys in its member organizations.

The Coalition provides dozens of programs in Chicago each year. Our goal is to foster career advancement and professional development, promote dialogue and a support-network among members, and to help address the many issues facing women lawyers and women's initiatives today. In addition to the live programming, the Coalition serves as an enduring network of other women professionals in the Chicago area.

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